Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Feedback from the LTE Customer Consultation Day

Taking part in the LTE customer consultation day, were some of the top vendors including Ericsson, Huawei, NSN, Motorola and others including picoChip, Freescale, Signalion and Rohde & Schwarz. They attended the consultation day, as they really wanted to get involved in the LTE conferences in 2010 and to get their input into the agenda.

With regards to content, the LTE business model that the most important topic that they highlighted. Now that a lot of the technical details have been ironed, operators have committed to LTE the attention has been turned to the business model and how can operators monetise LTE.

Can we really still have flat rate data plans? We've seen the cost/revenue divergence diagram a hundred times at various conferences, but has anyone really come up with an answer as to how operators need to address this divergence and try to take control of the network? With LTE operators are able to differentiate services and charge accordingly to the customer's QoS requirements, but there is no clear indication that operators are willing to change the their pricing models.

The application and service providers are a key new entrant into the market and there needs to be a discussion on how operators can profit more from these applications and services - will LTE make operators think differently?

Who are we going to be selling LTE to beyond the average user? LTE would be attractive to vertical markets such as the public safety organisations, the healthcare industry and I as mentioned in one of my earlier blogs; the car industry.

These are certainly areas to explore and it will be interesting to get feedback from different markets, not involved in the telecommunications industry and hear about what they they think of the future of mobile broadband.

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